Innovation accelerates when companies are able to freely pursue new markets and deliver new products to global customers.

Often, however, companies are slowed by patent challenges from other operating companies seeking to monetize their patents or protect their market share.

Our novel licensing approach provides exclusive licenses to our clients from a growing collection of highly-vetted, litigation-grade patents selected from our portfolio of more than 12,000 patents and patent applications, many of them searchable in our proprietary tool, TrustedPatents™. Our clients can use these rights to strengthen their ability to counter-assert or counter-claim against an operating company aggressor.

The exclusive patent licenses granted by Provenance authorize our clients to defensively enforce patents selected by them against one or more companies specified by them at the time we grant the license. This provides flexibility that allows our client to obtain only the rights they need, at the time they need them, for a fixed annual fee per right.

Should one of our clients find itself defending against a claim of patent litigation, Provenance — as the patent owner — will offer to stand alongside its exclusive licensees to confer legal standing in court.

To augment these company-specific exclusive licenses, Provenance will also enable operating company clients to acquire highly-rated patents from its portfolio. This is particularly helpful to high-potential, early-stage and mid-stage companies, and established companies seeking to expand the markets in which they sell their products. In select circumstances, Provenance will consider equity-based payment for patent acquisitions by companies with exceptional, demonstrated market success seeking to strengthen their freedom to operate.

Provenance's initial portfolio was acquired from Nokia, a global leader in creating technology to connect the world. These patents cover inventions in fields such as telecommunication products, security, gaming, semiconductors, components, memory, computing, Bluetooth, software, multi-media, imaging, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things, networked devices, and connected homes and automobiles. Provenance will build on this foundation by acquiring exceptional patents from other leading global companies. This will allow us to continuously expand our solutions that provide our clients Freedom to Prosper™.