Quinn Pacific is the exclusive broker managing Provenance’s patent sales. All patents currently listed for sale were acquired by Provenance Asset Group from Nokia and originated with Nokia Technologies, Nokia Siemens Networks, or Alcatel-Lucent (including Bell Labs).

On March 1, 2018, Provenance announced the sale of 1,249 patents families, segmented into 20 lots. Many interested operating companies and NPEs asked to select specific patents from those 20 lots, rather than bid on the full lots. In addition, potential buyers asked that we accelerate the listing of additional patent families originally planned to be announced for sale on June 15, 2018 so that they could consider both groups of patents at once.

As a result of these requests, Provenance is implementing the following changes:

  • Provenance is re-listing all 1,249 patent families individually and all offers should be per family.
  • There are more than 400 pending applications for sale, including more than 350 pending families with no granted family members.
  • Provided the purchase terms are acceptable to Provenance, patent families will be sold to the bidder with the highest bid, without regard to its business model or product offerings.
  • The sale is subject to our revised Terms of Sale (PDF).

Where to find the updated asset lists and bidding information:

  • All assets for sale are listed on TrustedPatents.com and can be searched by clicking “Listed for sale” in the left panel under “Sale Status”. For each family listed for sale you can view specific products/technologies, or potentially relevant companies, of interest by using the check box selections in the left panel. Patent Maps have been completed and are available for any patent marked as “Assertion Ready” in the patent list. You can select to view exclusively “Assertion ready assets by selecting the check box in the left panel of the site. We have also applied an Assertion Ready symbol to each patent in the upper right corner of each Assertion Ready Family. To view individual patent maps, click the patent in the listing to access the details of the family, you will then see a link to download the Patent Map. We continue to generate additional Patent Maps as our review of the portfolio progresses, and we encourage that you check back periodically to see newly added Patent Maps.
  • The patent purchase agreement (PPA) (PDF) is available for review. Given the administrative cost of negotiating revised terms, the terms of the PPA are not negotiable unless the purchase price for the assets covered by the PPA total at least US$50,000.

You can reach Ian Watson or Terry Dalzell at Quinn Pacific with any questions. Offers can be submitted to Terry Dalzell.

Convenient Links to Patents Listed for Sale: