With success comes patent threats from other operating companies. Companies large and small are equally at risk.

Supporting Our Clients' Freedom to Prosper

Our passion is to provide our clients with company-specific patent rights and patents to permit them to fully realize the potential of their innovative products and services. We are committed to deliver Freedom to Prosper™ to all our clients.

Provenance's client focus includes large multi-national corporations that find themselves lacking in patents to deter or counter-assert in a particular dispute; emerging mid-tier firms with accelerating growth; companies with significant success in their home market, now seeking to replicate that success globally; and early-stage companies achieving very rapid expansion, or under attack as they prepare for new financing, an IPO or merger.

The common thread is that success invites threats from market incumbents that seek to gain a return on their own patents from newer market participants by seeking royalties for alleged patent infringement.

In these circumstances, the availability of Provenance's exceptional patents helps to level the patent playing field for all innovative companies. This allows the marketplace to choose from the broadest and deepest selection of innovative products from throughout the world.